Peace and welcome! My Name is Airelle Smith and I go by the name Yeyo Odudua Mut El. The meaning behind my aboriginal name 🇲🇦 Is that goddesses represent earth as I am a Virgo an earth sign (the wombman) and a mother which coincides with mother’s nature and earth mama. I am the yeyo (mother in Maasai) of Nagem El. I am a 26 year old melanted chef. I am from Jacksonville Florida and I enjoy trying new recipes and food. My strongest sense would be my taste buds lol! I first began my Vegan Airyy business in June of 2019. I transitioned to becoming Vegan/Alkaline when I became pregnant with my sun Nagem back in October 2019. I decided to transition to this lifestyle because of trauma, wanting better for myself, my sun, and to break generational curses. I was inspired by many people and I've learned from many people as well along my journey. During one of my major spiritual awakenings, I've realized how much trauma I've endured and how many health issues I've had. This pushed me to want to learn and grow within myself. I can honestly say it was a lot of trial and error but I managed to push through and accomplish many of my goals. This journey isn't easy and it take a lot on the mental in forms of unlearning and relearning. I've had close members and associate doubt my mission but It only made me stronger and to prove to them the positive impact this will have on society. I decided to create a business that aligns with my values and to advocate me and my community grow as a whole. When I was pregnant, there weren't many Vegan options or restaurants that stayed open late as normal fast food restaurants. That made me learn & ponder. I wanted to give back to the community in a way that would serve as an advocate in their health, minds, body and spirit.